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Privacy Policy


When you sign up to any of the services BPDWORLD offer, certain information is required like your name, DOB, and email address. None of the information taken will be passed on to any third party, except for use of BPDWORLD volunteers. Also as mentioned in the terms and conditions we reserve the right to inform your ISP, or the emergency services if you breach our terms and conditions (this includes if we believe you may be at threat to your self or others) If we do believe you are at risk to your self or others then we will pass any information needed the appropriate authorities. IP addresses are stored by many of the services we offer but will not be accessible to anyone but selected BPDWORLD volunteers and maintenance workers.  


BPDWORLD and its affiliate sites contain links to other websites and sources of information; BPDWORLD has no connection to them nor accepts any responsibility for the use of their services.Cookies When you visit this website we issue a "cookie" to your computer. This is a small program containing a unique code that allows us to identify your computer. The cookie is used to note the different areas of our website service which have recently been accessed through your computer. Information collected in this way is used to develop and manage our online services. The cookie alone contains no information, which can identify you personally. However, when you register on this website the cookie will be combined with the personal information that you have provided as part of your registration. If you wish, you are able to set up your computer to refuse to accept cookies.

Subscription Members

If you join our subscription area please be aware that we do collect information from you including your name, email address, address and other details should you wish to receive our membership card. The information we collect will only be available to senior BPDWORLD volunteers and never any third party unless we feel you are a threat to your selves or others, if we believe this to be the case then we reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities and pass on any information that is required.Any information collected BPDWORLD will be treated confidentially. Please remember any information you share with people on the forums or in any other service of which you have interaction with members is not subject to this privacy policy and can be viewed by many other people. Therefore it is imperative that you are careful in the information you let others know about you.

Notification of Changes

We may decide to change or update the privacy policy or the terms of use for BPDWORLD at anytime, you may be informed of changes at times but ultimately it is your responsibility to check for changes or updates to these policies and conditions.





You are here: Home Privacy Policy